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Boteva & Kantutis – Our Firm

Established in 1994 with confidence that commitment, excellence and integrity drive success, Boteva & Kantutis represents a large number of international, as well as locally based clients guiding them through their legal challenges and helping them achieve their business goals. Through the years we have succeeded to build a tradition of excellence as to the quality of our legal services.

Our primary commitment has always been the devotion to giving legal assistance and representation of highest standards. The experience and expertise that our partners bring to each assignment ensure that work is handled efficiently, solutions are formulated on a timely manner and outcomes are optimized to the benefit of our clients.

We invest time and resources in training our associates and staff to meet the highest quality standards perceived by the law firm. Our open and conversational work culture not only contributes to the in-depth understanding of the needs and goals of our clients but also brings thoroughness, diversity and experience to our team. When the matter is complex or requires specialized expertise our attorneys use to work together ensuring highest level of skills, knowledge and creativity.

We work in cooperation with well-reputed foreign law firms and local practices. Boteva & Kantutis has association agreements with the leading Hungarian Law Firm Nadas Law Office, as well as – with Comad S.C. law firm, Febo 29, Mexico D.F., Mexico; Balkan Consulting Group, with a seat in Washington D.C., USA. We also cooperate with a great number of professionals in Bulgaria, including Notaries Public, receivers, valuators, enforcement agents and licensed translation agencies. The firm is a member of the AEA International Lawyers Network and is a part of the International Law Referral Network.

As well-known professionals, we are devoted to the cause of resolving our clients’ issues in a simple, faster and finance effective manner. Because of this, we have always been open-minded and have recommended the methods of court alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration. “Boteva and Kantutis” is one of the law firms in Bulgaria, which support and promote the means of amicable dispute resolution, applicable including to cross-border cases. Our firm is a partner in the project for establishing an “European Network of Mediators for Cross-border Dispute Resolution” (“Euro Net Mediation”) and our lawyers have attended multiple trainings for negotiation process, cross-border mediation and online mediation as the newest method for amicable dispute resolution.

Boteva & Kantutis receives constant recognition for its experience and quality or work in various international ranks for law firms.

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